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The trainer is the success factor for every course. No matter how good the course is organized or how great looking the training materials are, if the trainer lacks the necessary teaching skills or did not gained sufficient technical experience during his or her career, than the course can be a complete disaster.

To ensure maximum learning we only work with the best highly qualified and experienced trainers in the industry. All have gained their expertise having worked in the oil and gas industry for decades, mainly in managerial senior positions within major oil and gas companies.

A typical SOGOS trainer has an average of 30 years of experience. Together our team of trainers cover a wide range of Operational & Technical Disciplines.

Some key facts of our team:

      – Hands-on Exploration&Production (E&P) experience
      – Application of best practices
      – Combined years of experience (almost) 1000
      – Cover all Oil&Gas related disciplines
      – Orientated to customer satisfaction
      – The ability to transfer knowledge, knowhow and experience to the participants
      – Trainers available all around the globe