Added value

Due to the commitment of our experienced consultants and trainers, SOGOS Academy adds real value to the efforts of any oil & gas related organisation to manage and assure competence of its employees.

Ranging from complex multiple-month development programs to short 3-day courses and from the implementation of complete competence management systems to the execution of skills assessments, SOGOS Academy can offer materials and services fully matching the requirements of your organisation.

Continuing knowledge

SOGOS consultants and trainers are former colleagues of the current active people in the oil and gas industry and therefore we are well aware of what is happening inside the oil&gas companies. We are ready to impart the knowledge we have built up in decades to our clients.

SOGOS in perspective

In 2015 the age of specialist engineers in the oil and gas industry has risen to an average of 58 years. This means that almost half of all engineers in the E&P business will probably retire over the next decade. This will cause an acute shortage of skilled people.

In a profession where experience is extremely important, it can take years for the newcomers to be just as competent as their departing mentors. Quite apart from the fact that the number of young people who aspire a technical job is upsetting low.

The concern about this is great in the business, not in the least because of financial consequences. Expert engineers are more important today than they always were, especially considering the increasing need to produce oil from troublesome sources, such as rock formations or the ocean floor.

Filling in the gap

SOGOS is capable of filling in the gap in technical knowledge and expertise with enthusiastic senior and highly skilled engineers.
We are eager to share our years of experience with the rest of the oil and gas business.We are ready to continue the knowhow we have built up in decades working in the oil and gas industry.

Sharing valuable knowledge and expertise

We understand your requirement to have access to the latest insights and facts in the oil and gas industry. That’s why each day we are keen to keep our knowhow fresh and up-to-date.

We increase our expertise through involvement in front-line activities.It’s in our DNA and we do it to ensure you have that access. To ensure that valuable knowledge and expertise are not lost, that we continue to share as much knowhow as possible. That’s what we mean by continuing knowledge.