SOGOS Academy will provide not only standard training courses, but will on request also prepare and manage complete training packages.

Training courses

Although most organisations in the oil &gas busines do have similar learning/training requirements, they develop and manage their programmes completely different. To a large extent the actual learning/training content depends for a great deal on the way competency is managed.

SOGOS Academy offers solutions for any situation whereby training is seen as the best possible solution to bridge knowledge and skill gaps.

Available are the following types of training:

      – Public Training Courses
      – In-Company Training Courses
      – On-the-Job Training
      – Distance learning / E-Learning

Public training courses
This type of training will be organised by SOGOS Academy at regular times or if sufficient interest is generated for a certain course or course modules from different clients.
To ensure the lowest possible costs for SOGOS Academy and the participants, public training courses can only be organised with a minimum of 10 participants.
Ideally for organisations where only a small number of employees need to be trained, with the additional benefit that experience can be shared with participants from other organisations in the oil & gas business.

In-company (in-house/on-site) training
SOGOS Academy offers training courses on site if an organisation in the hydrocarbon business needs to train large numbers of their employees.
In-company training courses can range from off-the-shelf packages to fully tailor-made packages, meeting local requirements.
Costs can be kept low as there are no travel/lodging costs for the participants.

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On-the-Job Training

Most training courses will only provide participants with a “Knowledge” level at the completion of the training course, whereas for the majority of employees a “Skill” level is required.
On-the-Job training does offer a solution to bridge the gap between the acquired knowledge and the preferred skill level.
If On-the-Job training is carried out in a structured way, it is a powerful training tool to ensure competence of the workforce.

SOGOS Academy will assist with setting up and executing On-the-Job training programmes and provide highly experienced trainers to carry out the actual On-the-Job training.


At present SOGOS Academy does not provide these types of training, but will assist your organisation in, either finding sources of training materials or finding alternative solutions to meet the specified training requirements.