Skills Assessment

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In general, assessments are used to measure the competence of employees and this means that skills are being assessed in all disciplines that apply to a function, i.e. the own professional skills, other related technical skills, HS&E, Business and Leadership, Team & Self Skills.

For economic, strategic, practical or other reasons it may be decided that assessments are only carried out in the own professional discipline.
Although not preferred, this may be the next best option for an organisation.

A “Pass” in such an assessment does, however, not lead to Competence, but to the qualification: “Skilled”.
Therefore, this type of assessment is named: “Skills Assessment” instead of “Competence Assessment”.

Other than the partial competence declaration, the process of assessment is exactly the same, i.e. the same methods of evidence collection are used (incl. Self-Assessment) and the same method of analysis of this evidence is applied.