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The effectiveness of SOGOS Academy training courses can be greatly enhanced by ensuring that course objectives meet the competence requirements of the participants/students.

The SOGOS Academy provides training courses and modules that are (mainly) connected to our CAP (Comptence Assurance Programme). Therefore we are able to let participants learn only those topics in which they have a lack of knowledge. This way of learning is time effective and cost reducing. Perfect for both employee and employer.

Beside the “of the shelve” courses and modules, the SOGOS Academy is specialised in the development of custom training courses and programmes for oil and gas (related) companies. We can offer a total package (trainer and course materials), but also only a trainer or course materials. Therefore we are always able to offer you the right solution that will fit your needs and requirements.

The SOGOS Academy provides the following course types:

  • Public Courses
  • In-house Courses
  • On-the-Job Training
  • E-Learning
  • Competence-based blended learning

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