Wellsite Geology & Operations

Wellsite Geology Operations course and Wellsite Geology Operations training

  • A large amount of geological data is acquired (at substantial cost) during a drilling operation. Ensuring optimal quality of this information and effective reporting plays a key role during well design, drilling operations as well as at the later use of the data in field studies.
    A key requirement for success is close co-operation between geological, drilling and well engineering departments.


    Duration: 5 days
    Location: To be advised

  • 1. To understand the basic principles of well-site data acquisition quality control
    2. To learn the techniques used routinely by well-site geologists
    3. To acquire understanding of drilling problems caused by subsurface conditions
    4. To apply well-site data in exploration and development projects

    NOTE: Objectives for each day will be discussed with the participants and will be verified at closure of each day.

        a) to verify if the objectives for this day were met
        b) to determine if any adjustments need to be made to the program of the following day (if relevant)
  • Geologists, drilling and operations engineers and other staff involved in the acquisition and use of well-site (geological) data.


    In order to achieve a “Skill” level, further practical learning through
    e.g. On-the-Job training or participation in projects and/or assignments is required

  • Module 1: Petroleum Geology overview


    • Physical Geology
    • Wellsite Geology

    Module 2: Basics of Drilling Operations


    • Bits, Casing & Cementing, Fluids
    • Drilling Problems
    • Well Control
    • Geo-steering

    Module 3: Basics of Logging Operations


    • Acquisition, Concepts, Tools
    • Quick Look Interpretation

    Module 4: Basics of Well Testing


    • DST, RFT, MDT and Well Test

    Module 5: Operations Geology Overview


    • Duties & Responsibilities of the Wellsite Geologist

    Module 6: Well Planning Processes


    • Site survey & shallow gas hazards
    • Site preparation
    • Drilling Program
    • Contracting & Services

    Module 7: Reporting


    • Daily Drilling Report
    • Daily Geological Report
    • Final Well Report

    Module 8: Wellsite Geology Overview


    • Data Acquisition
    • Mudlogging (ROP, Cuttings, Gas and Mud)
    • Cuttings, Sidewall & Coring description
    • Hydrocarbon Detection Analysis
    • Evaluation (Actual vs Prognosis)


    Although the course is aimed at a “Knowledge” (Understand) level, practical exercises and case studies will form an integral part of the learning process.

  • The objectives and modules of the training course “Wellsite Geology & Operations” are directly linked to the Competence Assurance Programme (CAP) as developed by SOGOS Academy. Skills are selected from the SOGOS Academy skills library and these are translated into the training course curriculum. This approach ensures that each training event will demonstrable contribute to the competence of course participants.

    The management framework CAP ensures competence of all employees through:

    • the use of a unique set of skills standard to the oil & gas industry
    • a common language for skills and competence
    • the use of development/job profiles for each employee
    • fit-for-purpose training targets
    • a control mechanism to measure state of competence
  • About the trainer
    Geoscientist trainer with Industry experience from his early career (e.g. Statoil, Unocal, Santa Fe). Followed by almost 20 years of training Consultancy. Trained in the O&G industry ( e.g. Shell, Kuwait Petroleum, Schlumberger) as well as at academic level at Universities (Leiden, Amsterdam and Addis Ababa).


    Years of experience:

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