HSE Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

HSE Management in the Oil and Gas Industry course and training

  • A practical, interactive course about HSE Management on operational and managerial level in E&P Industries.

    The course focusses on

    a) the implementation and use of the HSE-management systems,
    b) improving safety culture in order to optimize the effectiveness of control measures,
    c) complying to legislative and company requirements, and
    d) strengthening safety leadership at management level.

    Awareness of safety leadership combined with actively involved employees creates maximum commitment from the organisation and has proven to be successful.


    Duration: 5 days
    Location: To be advised

  • 1. To familiarize with the main HSE principles methodologies, processes, procedures, and tools used in E&P HSE.
    2. To relate the lessons learned to the own personal working environment.
    3. To apply the achieved knowledge as part of the own daily activities.

    NOTE: Objectives for each day will be discussed with the participants and will be verified at closure of each day.

        a) to verify if the objectives for this day were met
        b) to determine if any adjustments need to be made to the program of the following day (if relevant)
  • Staff from all disciplines (also from non-technical disciplines) may attend this training event.


    In order to achieve a “Skill” level, further practical learning through
    e.g. On-the-Job training or participation in projects and/or assignments is required

  • Module 1: The introduction and generic HSE-principles


    • E&P risks
    • Loss Prevention Principles
    • Domino theory
    • Iceberg theory
    • Critical Success Factors
    • Competence Management
    • PDCA cycle
    • World class HSE performance
    • Maturity Profiles

    Module 2: The HSE-system in more depth


    • Successful Culture Baseline Measurement (Hearts and Minds)
    • Safety Management / Risk Management (systems)
    • International Standards implemented in own HSE-MS
    • Golden Rules
    • HSE System Set-up (Policy / Standards Procedures)
    • HSE System Elements

    Module 3: Operational HSE topics


    • SIMOPS /Bridging Documents
    • Safety Cases
    • Equipment Safety (drilling, production, pipelines, storage tanks, offloading, transport)

    Module 4: Generic HSE instruments and tools


    • Instruments / tools
    • Tripod, QRA, SIL, Bow-tie
    • Process Safety, LOPA
    • Asset Integrity, SCE (Safety Critical Elements)
    • Human Factors
    • Software study examples (QRA, bow-tie)
    • Hazard Recognition
    • Risk assessment
    • Task Risk Analysis
    • Hazard Spotting

    Module 5: HSE-MS and tools


    • Introduction permit to work
    • Workplace observation
    • Stop&Go/Last minute risk analysis
    • Workplace Control (good housekeeping)
    • Systematic Incident analysis
    • Management of Change
    • Monitoring and review, KPI


    Although the course is aimed at a “Knowledge” (Understand) level, practical exercises and case studies will form an integral part of the learning process.

  • The objectives and modules of the training course “HSE Management in the Oil and Gas Industry” are directly linked to the Competence Assurance Programme (CAP) as developed by SOGOS Academy. Skills are selected from the SOGOS Academy skills library and these are translated into the training course curriculum. This approach ensures that each training event will demonstrable contribute to the competence of course participants.

    The management framework CAP ensures competence of all employees through:

    • the use of a unique set of skills standard to the oil & gas industry
    • a common language for skills and competence
    • the use of development/job profiles for each employee
    • fit-for-purpose training targets
    • a control mechanism to measure state of competence
  • About the trainer
    Below a summary of the trainer’s curriculum vitae:

    • HSE Engineering & Operations HSE Management, both offshore and onshore. Set-up and implementation of Management Systems, conducting inspections / audits, Team member / Team leader in Project Safety Reviews & HAZOPS, HAZIDs/HIRA’s, SIL assessments.
    • Lead auditor for Contractor Auditing, internal HSE-auditing. HSE-inspections, HSE/Compliance audits, and incident investigations, due diligence investigations on pipelines, storage tanks, drilling rigs, vessels, platforms, projects, companies.
    • Conducting HSE trainings. To Senior Management, Operational Management and technicians in the field.
    • Conducting Project Reviews, Cold Eyes reviews, Project Integrity Reviews, Competence assurance programs.
    • Reliability engineering, Risk Based Inspections, (RBI), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), PM-systems auditing. FMECA assessments. Advisory function w.r.t. (Preventive) Maintenance systems.
    • Member of several National Committees in Oil And Gas, and chairman for distinctive Industry guidelines.
    • Consultancy w.r.t. handling of dangerous substances (H2S, LSA, mercury, benzene etc.) and transport thereof. Development & review of HSE Procedures & Standards & Programs.
    • Consultancy w.r.t. setting up, implementation and review of management systems.
    • Guest-lecturer at Technical Universities, In-company lecturer. Member of standardisation committees.

    Health, Safety & Environment

    Years of experience:

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