Competence Assurance Solutions

Competence Assurance Solutions course and Competence Assurance Solutions training

  • This 3-day training course is designed to prepare for the implementation of a structured Competence Assurance Programme (CAP).
    Participants will learn the principles of competence assurance and how to apply these principles in practice.
    The SOGOS Competence Assurance Programme (CAP) will be introduced during this interactive training course.


    Duration: 3 days
    Location: To be advised

  • 1. To understand the importance of competence assurance
    2. To describe the process of competence assurance
    3. To build and maintain a skills catalogue
    4. To produce Job Profiles
    5. To anticipate on specific competence requirements
    6. To prepare and organise assessments
    7. To organise the collection of evidence
    8. To arrange and optimise staff development
    9. To specify organisational requirements
    10.To verify the quality of competence assurance

    NOTE: Objectives for each day will be discussed with the participants and will be verified at closure of each day.

        a) to verify if the objectives for this day were met
        b) to determine if any adjustments need to be made to the program of the following day (if relevant)
  • The course is open to participants from organisations who are considering the implementation of an in-house Competence Assurance Programme.
    The course is aimed at participants from the HR (Learning) Department and professionals who will provide professional (technical) input to the programme and who will be given the responsibility to manage the competence assurance process on a daily basis.

    The course lecturer will adapt his programme to meet the entry level of the participants and to ensure that agreed course objectives are fully met at the end of the training course.

  • Module 1: Competence Assurance Introduction


    • Purpose
    • Definitions
    • Structured approach
    • Demonstrable
    • Management commitment
    • Strength/weakness/pitfalls

    Module 2: Process


    • Job descriptions
    • Skill units
    • Skill units
    • Job profiles
    • Standards (proof points)
    • Assessments
    • Evidence
    • Staff development

    Module 3: Skills


    • Professional (technical) skills
    • Behavioural skills
    • Skill details (degree of detail)
    • Unique skills
    • Skill catalogue
    • Key skills
    • Use of Active verbs

    Module 4: Job Profiles


    • Structure
    • Skill distribution
    • Professional/other skills
    • Weight of skills
    • Recruitment/promotion

    Module 5: Competence


    • Capability management
    • Team competence
    • Contractor competence
    • Specific roles
    • Authorised persons (work authorisation)
    • Gap analysis
    • Appraisal/competence assurance

    Module 6: Assessments


    • Degree of assurance
    • Assessment methods
    • Assessment standards
    • Writing objectives
    • Levels of competence
    • Re-assessments
    • Not-Yet-Competent
    • Providing feedback

    Module 7: Collecting Evidence


    • Methods of collecting evidence
    • Evidence portfolio
    • Qualifications
    • Previous experience/learning

    Module 8: Staff Development


    • Bridging gaps
    • Development methods
    • Training courses/programme
    • Effectiveness learning
    • Personal development plans
    • Learning organisation

    Module 9: Organisation


    • Required resources (responsibilities)
    • Costs/results
    • Utilising existing materials
    • Computerised Management System
    • Assessors (assessor training)
    • Project plan (timeline)
    • Profile Competence Specialist
    • Ownership/buy-in

    Module 10: Quality


    • Effectiveness model
    • KPI’s
    • Audit and review
    • Validation
    • Verification
  • The objectives and modules of the training course “Competence Assurance Solutions” are directly linked to the Competence Assurance Programme (CAP) as developed by SOGOS Academy. Skills are selected from the SOGOS Academy skills library and these are translated into the training course curriculum. This approach ensures that each training event will demonstrable contribute to the competence of course participants.

    The management framework CAP ensures competence of all employees through:

    • the use of a unique set of skills standard to the oil & gas industry
    • a common language for skills and competence
    • the use of development/job profiles for each employee
    • fit-for-purpose training targets
    • a control mechanism to measure state of competence
  • About the trainer
    The trainer started with Shell in 1969 with Shell tankers and worked till 2000 for Shell, mainly in Technical training roles, from 1984 till 1992 the trainer worked in Oman among others as Head technical training. After 2000 the trainer worked as consultant in various Training and Competence Assurence roles. Resulting from trainer’s professional background his interest lies with the development of personnel in general, using innovative technologies where possible. He considers hisself an expert on all aspects of ‘learning’, especially on competence management, getting maximum results against minimum costs. In all learning’ activities he aims for a good balance between performance , knowledge and attitude.

    Leadership, team & self

    Years of experience:

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