Production Operations & Well Management Operations

Production Operations and Well Management Operations course and training

  • This 4-day course will focus on the understanding and knowledge of the main principles of Production- & Well Management Operations.


    Duration: 4 days
    Location: To be advised

  • 1. To demonstrate awareness / basic application level in Well Operations and its Management:

    • Reservoirs and wells (In- & Outflow)
    • The objectives of well testing
    • Sand control principles; Initial opening of wells in unconsolidated sand reservoir operations
    • Preferential water / gas (in oil reservoirs) flow
    • Water in gas wells
    • Re-injection of water / gas into the producing reservoir / UGS

    2. To demonstrate Awareness / Basic Application level in Process Control:

    • Normal / Abnormal operations & how to manage these (also in relation to Process Safety)
    • Safety Critical Elements
    • IPS, ESD levels, Safety systems (F&G, HIPPS)
    • DCS, SCADA (basics)
    • Making Safe, isolations

    3. To demonstrate Awareness / Basic Application level in Plant Operating Procedures:

    • Procedures, such as MOPO, PtW, SimOps, Plant Change, etc
    • KPI’s
    • Design parameters and Operating Envelopes
    • Planning cascade
    • Operations of pipelines in a multi-user environment
    • Statement of Fitness

    4. To demonstrate awareness / basic application level in Production Operations:

    • Chemicals, their use, handling and compatibility (incl. Chemical Management)
    • The effects of by-products on the well & installation
    • Pipeline pigging operations (various types of pigs)

    5. To demonstrate awareness in conventional Drilling and Well Completions:

    • Drilling / SimOps
    • How a well is designed and drilled; well control principles; BOP’s
    • Well completion operations; casings (their function); tubing (function)
    • Main tubing components
    • Well services: wellhead maintenance, slickline / wireline, Coiled Tubing, hydraulic workover, snubbing

    NOTE: Objectives for each day will be discussed with the participants and will be verified at closure of each day.

        a) to verify if the objectives for this day were met
        b) to determine if any adjustments need to be made to the program of the following day (if relevant)
  • The course is open to participants from Production / Maintenance (Middle) Management who have a requirement to bridge (a) competence gap(s) in Production & Well Management Operations according to their Job Profile.


    In order to achieve a “Skill” level, further practical learning through
    e.g. On-the-Job training or participation in projects and/or assignments is required

  • Module 1: Well Fundamentals


    • Well Performance
    • Sand Control
    • Injection wells
    • FBUS / Well testing
    • Flow through reservoir / water coning

    Module 2: Process Design & Control


    • Test Well Operations
    • Process Design & Change of State / Process Safety
    • Safety Critical Elements / Equipment
    • Process / Utilities Isolations
    • ESD and F&G systems / DCS
    • Test Process Control & evaluation

    Module 3: Plant Operating Procedures


    • Operations Management – procedures
    • Parameters & Performance
    • Design & Operations envelopes
    • Commissioning & Start-up
    • Production Operations – IPS
    • Management of Pipe Networks
    • Test Plant Operating Procedures & evaluation

    Module 4: Production Operations


    • Chemical Treatments
    • Sand, Scale, NORM
    • Pigging Ops / Laboratories
    • Test Production Operations

    Module 5: Well Operation and Activation


    • Conventional Drilling / Well Architecture & Integrity
    • Sensitive wells / Start-up & shut down
    • Well Service
    • Well Fundamentals & Operations Test
    • Well Fundamentals & Operations Test


    Although the course is aimed at a “Knowledge” (Understand) level, practical exercises and case studies will form an integral part of the learning process.

  • The objectives and modules of the training course “Production Operations & Well Management Operations” are directly linked to the Competence Assurance Programme (CAP) as developed by SOGOS Academy. Skills are selected from the SOGOS Academy skills library and these are translated into the training course curriculum. This approach ensures that each training event will demonstrable contribute to the competence of course participants.

    The management framework CAP ensures competence of all employees through:

    • the use of a unique set of skills standard to the oil & gas industry
    • a common language for skills and competence
    • the use of development/job profiles for each employee
    • fit-for-purpose training targets
    • a control mechanism to measure state of competence
  • About the trainer
    The trainer is a seasoned Production Operations Engineer who holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. He has a solid background in Oil & Gas Production Operations with thorough exposure to functions in Surface and Sub-Surface Field Operations, Production Planning and Programming, Hydrocarbon Administration, Offshore Installation and Manager SAP implementation Team Leader. With 28 years worldwide Shell experience the trainer continued his Career in a consultancy roll mainly for Shell. He has worldwide successfully worked in multi cultural environments.

    He demonstrates prime qualities such as :

    • Strong power of analysis
    • A strong focus on Operational Safety
    • Easy accessibility and providing a listening ear
    • Ability to transfer knowledge as well as theoretical as practical

    The trainer retired from Shell in 1999 and in 2001 started working as a Consultant. The first few years as self-employed freelancer, later as member of the SOGOS group. As Consultant he mainly worked in Training and Facilitation of Production Operations related Courses and Workshops eg the Shell P-142, Production Surface Operations. He is also proficient in Production Operations Staff Competency Assessments.

    Production Operations & Maintenance

    Years of experience:

  • For more information about this training, please send an email. If you need immediate assistance, please contact by phone.