Key Skills

It will not be possible to assess employees on all skills as described in a Job Profile.
This would:

      a) require an unacceptable high level of effort by all parties concerned
      b) highly upset daily operational activities
      c) not provide the extra confidence that an employee is competent

It will be more practical to select a number of Key Skills (maximum 20) that form a good representation of all required skills for the function and that will give sufficient confidence that the employee is competent.

A fair selection of key skills across the board will be selected, i.e. skills originating from the own professional Skill Units, but also appropriate skills from HS&E, managerial and other more common Skill Units.

Key Skills, the most important skills in Competence Assurance

Competence Assurance process

Following is a simplified diagram demonstrating the different components of the CAP and their relationships:

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Skill Units Assessment Standards Assessments Personal Development Training Courses Levels of Competence Evidence of Performance Job Profiles Key Skills

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