Personal Development

Personal Development Plans

Eventually each employee will have his own Personal Development Plan (PDP). These plans should be well documented and kept up-to-date to reflect the actual development needs of that employee.

The PDP should not only be a list of training courses, but merely an overview of identified skill gaps, that can serve as the basis for putting together course curricula. Furthermore the PDP should preferrably reflect the own wishes of the employee.

PDP’s need to be reviewed and kept up-to-date regularly by the employee and his superiors and this should certainly not only be once a year during the annual review period. However, in all cases items included in an PDP should always be realistic and achievable with a low element of ‘nice-to-have’.

Competence Assurance process

Following is a simplified diagram demonstrating the different components of the CAP and their relationships:

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Skill Units Assessment Standards Assessments Personal Development Training Courses Levels of Competence Evidence of Performance Job Profiles Key Skills

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